Relaxing Thursday

Hello readers. Sorry I was MIA yesterday, spending some much needed alone time with the boyfriend. It was another movie night. We had a great time, munched on snacks, and had pizza. The redbox gave me the wrong movie though, and we really wanted to see The Dark Knight. Oh well we will have to get it next time. We slept pretty late today which was awesome, got some much needed zzz’s. And what is better to wake up to than a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea. Yummy!


I made up another pumpkin and chili bean quesodilla for the boyfriend and his mom to try. She tried it, didnt love it, but didnt want more lol.

Picture 035

1 pt wrap, 1/2 C chili beans, 1/4 c pumpkin puree, 1/4 C sharp ched, 1 tbs real bacon bits, and seasonings


It was just as yummy this time.

After getting ready and hanging out a little bit. The boyfriend and I went to the grocery store since we were almost completely out of food, especially fruits and veggies. We got tons of stuff. I cant wait to eat this week :). On our way home we picked up a Tubby’s pizza for dinner. Tubby’s is his mom’s ultimate favorite pizza and she has to get one whenever she comes home.

Do you have a favorite food you have to get whenever you visit somewhere?

Mine is the cheese on a stick at cedar points. Soooo good, and they only sell it at one little stand by the space needle. Yum!

I had 2 pieces of pizza and made myself a sandwich with some grapes and carrots on the side…sorry no pic I was starving. My sandwich was garlic lovers hummus, smoked cheddar, cukes, jalapenos, mushrooms, onion, and sun dried tomato dressing on ww bread. It was ok, I dont know how I feel about the hummus yet. The pizza however was really good but I still only had 2 pieces. Pizza is usually a bad food for me I cant seem to stop eating it.

After some more hanging out with the family it was time for me to get ready to head to work. I made myself some gingerbread tea with milk for the road.

Picture 090

Spicy, sweet, and yummy

I packed some yummy things for work:


Im sure I wont eat it all since we have planned to get breakfast in the morning after work but its here just in case I want to :). I think I’m going to increase my pts by 4 to the maintanance number since I am being told I’m too skinny lol.  Now I need to start pumping some iron and build some muscles. I am mexican afterall so I need a little meat on my bones. 🙂

My food journal for the day

Quesodilla                                  5

Pizza                                             6

Sandwich                                     4

Carrots /grapes                        1

Gingerbread tea                         2

Sandwich                                     4

Green beans                                 0

Apple                                              1

Persimmon                                    2

Oatmeal                                           2

Light n fit snack                            1

Total                                                 28

wow I guess I wont be eating it all to save pts for breakfast. Hmmm or maybe Ill use some flex :). Have a great night/day! Til next time…





Hello again. Woo hoo its tuesday! Now ordinarily I would not be excited about tuesday or the wednesday that follows it but I am off on wednesday so I am excited. Big day tomorrow:  test, quiz, kids, maybe a movie with the boyfriend. Today was okay. He is still sick :(. He spent most of his day in bed, being babied, as he should since thats what I expect when I’m sick :). I cleaned the house a little today, attempted to make a dent in the never ending pile of laundry, and took down our halloween decorations. Making room for xmas. I Loooove xmas decor, its so warm and cozy. Tis the season! Now I was told that I am not allowed to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving, so I will wait, but you better believe me that it will be on as soon as turkey day is over.

For lunch/dinner (I dont know what to call it, we ate it at 5 but it was our first meal of the day since we get up at 2 lol) the sickie and I ate :

Picture 063

Tuna patty, sweet potato fries, and fiesta veggie blend

Recipes to come for the tuna patty and sweet potato fries, the veggies came from the grocers freezer :).  It was delish, I love love tuna patties, I like salmon even better but the boyfriend does not so tuna it is! It was my first time making sweet potato fries but they turned out great. I dipped mine in ketchup.

A whole lot of cleaning was going on today. I went to the store to get a few things and then came home to prep our eats for work. They boyfriend took a smart one dinner, carrots and cucumbers with dip, and some fruit. I had an apple while prepping my working eats.

Picture 073

i think its gala that i bought

I must have been bored at home because for work I whipped up some fried rice with veggies, “spaghetti” squash, pineapple with pom airils, and oatmeal.

Wow. I guess I eat most of my food for the day at work. Geez. Oh well a girls gotta eat :).  Look for the fried rice recipe under my recipes tab. Also new produce reviews to come on spaghetti squash and pomegranate.

I almost forgot, here’s my food journal:

Tuna Patty(2/3)                                               2

Sweet Potato fries (1/2 potato)                  2

Fiesta veggie blend(2/3 cup)                      1

Apple-gala                                                           1

Fried rice(1/2 c rice)                                      6

“spaghetti” squash                                             2

pineapple and pom                                           1

Oatmeal-br sug, apple, pb, cinna                3

Total                                                                        18

geez only 18 points, i may have to eat something else when I get home, maybe some scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese on toast. ohh sounds good.

Pretty uneventful day today but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I’m  off to study or atleast look at my book for awhile. Til next time….


Monday monday…

Hello folks. Another monday has come upon up. Why cant it always be the weekend… Ah well back to reality. Busy busy busy monday for me. I worked until 8 came home took a quick power nap til my nursing equivalence test at MTC at 1130…I didnt make it there til 1145 🙂 ooops. I passed, woo hoo! Back home and the boyfriend is sick 😦 poor baby. He takes care of me when I am sick so I did my best. He doesnt like pills so it was just OJ and some R&R. Had to pick up the little one from school then homework and dinner and such. I made the kids some grilled cheese and chili and I ate some spaghetti squash with garlic, butter, and parmesan. It was good. I’m really digging the spaghetti squash since it can be eaten so many different ways.

I relaxed with a nice hot cup of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea:


with half milk and some sugar. its like drinking a cookie! 🙂

Got my sick man off to work then tried to nap. Didnt work. I did make this yummy creation, though.

Picture 035

Quesodilla with pumpkin, chili beans, sharp cheddar, bacon and spices. mmm soooo good.


Before work I did some house work and watched the end of Tool Academy, sadly I really enjoy that show lol. 

The boyfriend was getting hungry at work since his sickness had done away with his appetite earlier, so we decided I would go to subway before I left for work. Its been awhile since we’ve had subway, but I do really like it. He had a ham sub with pickles, banana peppers and honey mustard. And I got a veggie sub to eat later at work.

Picture 049

Veggie with cheese on white(out of wheat!!!): spinach, onions, black olives, green peppers, cucumbers, banana peppers, pickles, and jalapenos with sweet onion sauce. It was delish. but spicy.

Work tonight of course so I packed some goodies. I feel like I am constantly eating but I’m counting points so I know its stuff thats good for me. Sometimes its hard to eat enough points when I eat so often, but I think i’ll manage :).
Eats for at work:

 I planned those eats before I knew I was getting subway, but it is all within my points so I will just see if I am hungry or not. Who knows.

Okie dokie, food journal for the day

Spaghetti squash, butter, parm                                                                         2

Quesadilla                                                                                                                    4

Veggie sub                                                                                                                   7

Tuna cup                                                                                                                       2

Fruit cup                                                                                                                       2

Oatmeal with PB and choc chips                                                                          3

Cottage cheese (1/4 cup) and pineapple (1/4 C)                                           2

Total                                                                                                                                 22

Well thats about it for today y’all. Til next time…



Sunday BBQ

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but I was spending some quality time with my family. We had a great saturday. Me and the little ones hung out with the neighbors, scoped out a mall for black friday shopping, and packed for our sleepover. The boyfriend went fishing with his friends then watched the buckeye game. All were happy.

Our breakfast date was yummy. We went to the weekend buffet at Ryan’s and of course like a bad blogger I forgot to take pics but I ate pineapple, and melon. Some Beans, and scrambled eggs x2 with salsa, hot sauce, cheeze, mushrooms, and sauted onions. It was delicious. And coffee of course since I was to forgo sleep for the day.

While out with the neighbors I had more coffee 🙂 Including my first red cup of the season!! Everyone has been talking about these so I figured I had better go get myself one too.


I had a skinny vanilla latte with an extra shot.

We had more coffee later but again 😦 no pic.

After the buckeyes beat Penn State!!!!

We made the trip to my parents house to visit and enjoy a sunday BBQ. We had pizza (1 slice), crazy bread (4 slices), and assorted snacks. I’m always soooo bad when I go to my parents.  I also had a turkey and smoked gouda sandwich later on that night and snickers ice cream….i know, i know but it was yummy.

They next morning I woke up on a mission. I would be good :).  We are 3rd shifters so we slept til 2 naturally. I had a big glass of H2O, before the food would be ready. Then we “smashed” as daddy said.

BBQ eats:


Oliver Winery's Soft Red x 2. The best wine ever!


romaine, grilled chicken, carrots, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, and light french




mashed potatoes, cheeze, pineapple and raspberries

 And a sugar cookie with icing that the little one decorated. Quite yummy as well. I did only eat one which everyone else seemed to have a problem with so I’m proud of myself for that one.

After lots of talking and fun and walks we made the long trip home.  At home the boyfriend made himself some nachos and I baked a spaghetti squash. While it was baking we shared half of a persimmon


My spaghetti squash was mixed with tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, italian seasonings, garlic salt, onion powder, and pepper.

It was outstanding.

This was really good and so good for you. I didnt miss the noodles at all. I will definately be eating this dish again and I cant wait to come up with new combinations. 

My eats for tonight at work:

My points for today

Salad                            3

Mashed potatoes     1

Cheese                          1

Razz & pineapple      1

wine                               6

1/2 Persimmon         1

Spaghetti squash       1

Plus for tonight

Carrots                          0

Beans                              2

1/2 Persimmon           1

Oatmeal                          3

Total                                20

 i may eat some dried apple slices too or throw some almonds into my oatmeal since I get 23 points per day.

Well thats about all for today. Thanks for visiting. Be sure to check out my new cool and creamy cucumber salad recipe under the recipes – salad tab. Til next time…







Hello all. Back again. I finally got new batteries for the camera so better quality pics to come soon! Thanks for all the comments so far, I hope those who are reading are enjoying.

My eats at work last night were yogurt with pineapple and granola, chili beans, carrots, and some candy. Sorry I forgot to take pics… I am new to this ya know. 😉



I purchased this candy from the dollar store in my town. Its called Florida’s Natural au’some fruit. One is Strawberry nuggets and the other Blueberry Sour string. They were both very good. Made with 64% fruit juice, gluten free, and only 15 cal each!!! A very good buy.

After work I went home for some much needed zzz’s. It was nice. Woke up today and watched some TV with the boyfriend. He requested chinese for lunch so chinese it was…


Jasmine rice, orange chicken(mostly veggies I give him all the chicken 🙂 ) and some cucumber salad i made


 I added up the ww points from the chinese (it came from the freezer) and it was about 11…whoa I know but sooo yummy and very worth it. Plus I decrease the oil and mostly eat the veggies instead of the breaded chicken. I do believe that the cucumber salad is a 0 ww point food.    

After lunch we relaxed a little more til it was time to get ready for work. Before work I went to meijer to check out the new nuval labels (sooo cool) for a guest post I plan to write for another blogger. More on that soon. Also I purchased my very first persimmon. I will add some info on persimmons to my produce review tab later on tonight. Also I will post a recipe for my cucumber salad. Pretty yummy and low in points!!

Tomorrow I have a breakfast date! with the boyfriend of course and then a birthday party and off to my parents house to spend the night with the little ones. Fun! It should be a great weekend.

These are my planned eats for the night. I’m saving up some points for my breakfast tomorrow.





V8, gotta get them veggies in



fuyu persimmon, we will see how this baby tastes...

Til next time…


Quick Mushroom Soup


10 oz sliced mushroom (I used baby portabello)

1 can Beef broth

2 Tbs whipping cream

Lemon juice, parsley, S&P to taste

1 Tbs butter

1 Tbs minced garlic

In saucepan melt butter, add garlic for 30 sec, add mushrooms.  Cook until tender and reduced in size. Add broth to pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to med, cover and cook 10 minutes. Puree contents of pan with parsley to taste, return to pan, add whipping cream and lemon juice to taste, return to boil. Serve!

I approximated at about 4 ww points for 1/2 of soup made.

Hello again. I had a great day so far today. For a little background I work midnights, so my days are a little messed up.  My eats while at work last night included:


Chili beans and tortilla "chips" from quaker


I did have a V8 today! no bonking me!

I also had some fruit cocktail and oatmeal with pumpkin and peanut butter but my phone pooped out so I couldn’t take pics 😦

   After some much needed rest 🙂 the boyfriend and I woke up and made lunch/breakfast (our odd hours).


Mushroom soup, spinach stuff, and bread n butta

it took me so long to get a “decent” pic of my plate that the boyfriend finished his before i even started…

The boyfriends bowl...I guess he like it 🙂

Mushroom soup recipe to follow as soon as I figure out how to put that on here lol. Im such a newb. The spinach was no good. I tried to fry it up in some butter and lemon but it was a no go.

Do you have any good spinach ideas?
I also had some Pomegranate Green Tea. yum.greanteawpom
After we watched a thriller of a movie (Xmen origins:  Wolverine) we got ready for work and went to catch a quick dinner with daddy who happened to be in town for work 🙂

I had to take a bunch of pictures, the man is a ham and couldnt quit posing!

He wanted to go to Donato’s so thats what we did…(when he’s paying you cant really argue 🙂 ) This is what I had…I did my best to get some veggies:

Harvest salad with apple cider vinegrette, a few pieces of pizza, and some H20

The salad was actually pretty good, except I hate iceberg lettuce, no flavor. It had walnuts, cranberries, and apple on it. I only needed about 1/4 of the packet of dressing too. I was quite surprised at how yummy it was.
After I got the men folk off to work I went home to clean and have myself another cup of tea. This time:

So yummy and just feels like (dare i say it) CHRISTMAS!

This tea is pretty good just in regular hot water with sugar…but it is EXTRAORDINARY when made with 1/2 milk and 1/2 water and some sugar. creamy and delicous…go ahead. give it a try.
all in all i had a pretty good day. 
I am really excited about a review I will be doing on NuVal. I cant wait to share it with you!!! Its in the works so you will hear more about it soon. Til next time…