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Good news everyone!

Hello. I  didnt think the good news would be ready so soon, but low and behold IT IS!

The boyfriend has given me my own web address!!!

So come visit me there, as I will no longer be posting on here


thanks for the visits, I hope you will check out the new site!



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I’m so excited!

Hello fellow  bloggers.

Had an outstanding day yesterday, sorry for the lack of post. 🙂 I spent the whole day with the boyfriend doing nothing but watching movies and drinking wine. Yes it was just as great as it sounds.

I have some big news coming…I dont want to give too much away yet so you will have to wait but soon enough you will know.

On to food…

We were bad yesterday. By bad I mean I didnt count points or calories or anything. I just ate what tasted good til my belly was full. I do that everyonce in a while. I guess its a big test of my will power but so far so good. And even when I do that I end up making decent choices out of habit and reflective of my tastes.

So we had some wine yesterday

We got this (along with 11 others :)) when we went to Mon Ami Winery


we had some cheese with our wine

get outta there! lol


they boyfriends hand got into the way. we had cheese and crackers, grapes and pineapple, and some granola and dried fruit.

later on in between movies we ordered some subs and nachos. now that is yummy bad day food. I had a veggie pizza sub. it was very good, and I got some veggies in for the day. I also scarfed it so quickly that I didnt even think about snapping a pic until I was licking my fingers…oops. I felt like a bad little kid when I looked down at the empty wrapper and then at my camera. Just know it was super messy and so delicious!

I think it is important to stop thinking about food so much for a minute and really test your tastes and feelings. The way your stomach feels when full, and what foods you want when not trying to be healthy.

As it turns out, I make pretty good choices whether I am trying to or not. I am perfectly happy with what I ate. I know it was too many points for one day, but WW has flex points to spread out throughout the week or use all at once like I did. LOL. Thats what they are there for. I know I am ready to get back to counting and journaling. And I also feel like I dont need to count, but I do it for the structure that I crave in my life.

What do you do to test yourself or put things into perspective?

Besides the yummy stuff we ate and drank 😉 yesterday we had an amazing time. He makes me laugh. It was so much fun just lounging around and watching movies in our PJ’s.

Back to work though…sigh.

He’s already off for the night, and I better get to getting ready. I will post again later so see you then….

Til next time…


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All around good day.

Hello there. Its me again. LOL I’m sorry I seem to crack myself up.

Hope all is well for everyone out there. I had a great day today. I might even go as far to say it was a Terrific Tuesday.

Went home and got some much needed zzz’s after work. Just a few though. Then went to go pick up the little ones from school. On the way home they both took a nap in the car, I was jealous :). We did homework, made dinner, took showers, played….a lot. It was a good time.

For dinner I had

fried rice, I used a new veggie blend, some egg substitute, and some fresh mushrooms this time. It was divine.

The blend had carrots, asparagus, pea pods, plus I added mushrooms.


  The boyfriend did not like it so much…sorry babe! He is a trooper though and tries my creations no matter how many times I make him say yuck lol. Like when I told him salmon wasnt fishy, I wasnt being cruel I swear, I dont think it is fishy. I cant believe he tastes anything I eat after that. Hehe, its still funny though.

He had some sweet and sour chicken with rice instead, which he said was really good. The girls were going NO WHERE near that mess lol. They had chicken nuggets (shaped like safari animals because we care, or they were on sale), green beans, and baked potatoes. Nothin like makin dinner twice. Atleast everyone was happy, which means no bitching I am happy.

I have decorated for Christmas, 1. because its the most wonderful time of the year and 2. because I am impatient and dont give a darn about waiting until after thanksgiving. Here are some pics

the mantle above our fireplace

our dining room table....that we never eat at

dont you love the snowman placemats, I know I do!

the elf my momma got me "just cause". aint he cute!

We also have a “village” on our other mantle, but it was dark and I couldnt get a good pic, so you will have to wait to see it. Sorry.


I want to put the tree up this weekend but I do believe it has been vetoed on account of “not until after thanksgiving.” Not to mention its a 9 foot tree and only the boyfriend is strong enough to lug it downstairs. 🙂 So good idea, after thanksgiving sounds good…insert booboo lip here, along with a sniffle. 😦

While I was packing my lunch for work I introduced the 4 year old to PB on a spoon. she wasnt a huge fan. I cut up an apple to eat with it and she said “I want caramel for my apple” lol. Okie dokie. I didnt think we had any dipping caramel, but she reminded me that we had “Caramel for ice cream” in the fridge. She’s a smart one I tell ya. After getting a bowl of caramel I had to “Take the red stuff off”. Then I finally got to my lunch.  But wait, “Theres more red stuff on here.” It was removed to her pleasing and THEN I got to my lunch. LOL kids are great. While making lunch I discussed fruits and veggies with her. She seems to know what she’s talkin about. Good girl.

Ok ok, work time eats


I also brought some pumpkin quesodilla filling (pumpkin, chili benas, cheddar, bacon bits, seasonings) to eat with quacker tortilla “chips.” Which I have already scarfed before taking a pic(its ok, not very photogenic anyways), which was outstanding! My new favortie type of nachos. And so filling.
We had spent QT together tonight, caught up on desparate housewives and chitchatted before I heaaed to work, but not before I filled the buckeye mug..
with a spash of milk

It is best when you cook milk, water and tea bags on the stove til bubbly and add sugar to taste, the tea gets infused in the milk or something good like that. 🙂

What is your favorite tea?  I dont think I can pick just one, but if I had to it would be chai with milk.
Food journal
Fried rice                                                         6
Tea                                                                      1
Queso filling & chips                                    4
Green beans                                                    1
PB & H                                                                2
PB & apple                                                        6
String chz                                                          2
Chicken noodle soup                                   3
grapes                                                                 1

Total                                                                26

alright good job today. Not sure if Ill end up eating all of my work food since the pumpkin has me stuffed but we will see…

 Thanks for you visits and comments. I know I’m very new but I hope you all enjoy!

Til next time…



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Hello there. Hope all is well for everyone. Had a great day today, slightly eventful.

After work this morning I came home and was greeted by a rambunctious little one in dora PJ’s. After she got dressed, and we watched some TV, and ate some yummy pumpkin oatmeal we rode along with the boyfriend to pick up the boat. She (the boat) had had her yearly appointment to be winterized. Since it was chilly out, I of course took along a hot mug of gingerbread tea, with a splash of milk.

We had a few other errands to run as well and when they were finished we went home so that I could go to bed…finally!

I slept for a few hours, possibly skipping class,  while the boyfriend entertained his little one, or visa versa 🙂 and then he went to pick up the bigger little one from school.

After I woke up we went to get some dinner out as we had promised the girls last week. They of course chose mexican, so off we went to Mi Jalapeno. I did not take a pic, (so sorry!) but I ordered Cancun Tilapia. It was grilled tilapia with steamed veggies and a cup of fruit. I was so surprised that I was able to find a healthy option at a mexican joint.

What do you order at a mexican restaurant?

Now dont get me wrong, I love me some mexican, anything, tamales, tacos, enchiladas, quesodillas. MMMMMM. BUT, I have been trying to eat healthier and I know I would just feel guilty if I made poor food choices. But dinner was delicious AND I felt good eating it. I had a few chips with salsa as well, yum.

After working on homework, we watched a little TV, spent a little QT together, and then it was time to get ready for work.

While packing the goods for work I nibbled on a few grapes, they are the dark purple ones and are very yummy.

On the way to work I took an OSU 🙂 mug of pomegranate green tea

My worktime eats


add to this an apple.

I am still going strong on the whittle your middle challange. I’m really trying to feel the burn. It feels good knowing that I am doing something good for my body, and I cant wait for some good results.

I didnt make much today, but sleep was big on the agenda so thats ok. I plan to make stir fry tomorrow (well today) for dinner and I would like to create a healthy carrot cake….we will see how that goes.

I cant wait to share my christmas pics of the decorations with you, I know its not even thanksgiving yet but I cant help myself!!

Food journal(oatmeal and morning tea not included as they go on yesterdays eats since they occured before I went to sleep…confusing I know, and I apologize :))

Grapes                                                                        1

Mexican (tilapia, veggies, fruit)                       6

chips and salsa                                                         2

cheese, crackers, PB, apple                                12

soup                                                                             2

chili beans                                                                  2

pinapple                                                                      1

cookie                                                                           1

total                                                                             27, good job me!

Thanks to the visits from any new viewers! I’m glad to have ya and hope you will come back and see me again!

Well I’m off to get back to work. Til next time…


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Hello everyone, I know I already posted for yesterday but I didnt want to leave you hangin’ food wise! So here is the scoop.

The boyfriend and I slept until about 530pm. It was amazing! Gasp! I know, but remember we are third shifters, I didnt got to bed until 9am. When we woke up he had to immediately get ready for work. Ew :(. Better him than me I guess :). I kid, I kid, love ya babe!

At some point in our 8 hours of sleep I woke up with a coughing spell and had a big glass of water and one of those light and fit cookie things. I got them from aldi and they were weird at first but now I’m addicted!



I cleaned the house a little ( a really little) and then snacked on some carrots and hummus while I made myself some dinner before work.


I was too lazy to take a new pic so pretend the cukes arent there 🙂

P.S. I dont love hummus as a dip, I think its a texture thing.

What else can I do with hummus?

roast beef fro

Homemade french onion soup and roast beef sandwich

You can find the recipe for my French onion soup under the recipe-soup tab at the top of the page.  It was so good it deserves to be this big :).  The roast beef sandwich was just a hamburger bun that had each side covered with 2 slices of deli meat and a half a slice of smoked hot pepper cheese that I toasted in the oven. It was soooo good. I cant wait to eat this again! It was like a french dip with au ju when I dipped it in the soup. Yum!

I made some Candy Cane Lane tea for the ride to work. In the ohio state mug of course. (The boyfriend bought me this mug at the first OSU game I ever went to, so I love it).



in this


the best mug ever!


After working on the whittle your middle challange, (here is my day 4 stats https://tatesplace.wordpress.com/abs-whittle-your-middle-challange/day-4-nov-15/) I worked up a hunger and had


dried apples, my fav dried fruit



green beans

green beans with lots of seasonings and a few bacon bits


 My  other work time eats:


Food journal for the day

Light n fit cookie                                                                1

Roast beef sammie                                                            5

French onion soup                                                            4

Candy cane tea                                                                    1

Green beans                                                                          1

Dried apple slices                                                                1

Pumpkin quesodilla                                                           6

Grapes                                                                                      1

Cookie                                                                                       1

Carrots and hummus                                                          1

“Chips” and bean dip                                                           4

Total                                                                                           26

wow I did good today!

Dont forget to check out my new recipe and get whittlin’. Til next time…


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Meijer and NuVal

Special post today folks. Tina over at Carrots N Cake (http://carrotsncake.com/) works for NuVal and asked on her blog if anyone lived near a meijer store where the NuVal scores are posted. I of course said me, me, I do! I went to check out these “scores” and have found out some really cool information.

NuVal (http://www.nuval.com/) has used nutrition information on different foods to come up with scores to help consumers choose healthier options. This has taken a lot of research to develop and I’m sure they are very proud.

I went to check these scores out at our local Marion, Ohio Meijer. I was so impressed. The scores on food will help consumers see the differences in their food choices. Hopefully creating a healthier America, since we do not all take the time to read food labels. The NuVal scores are on select food products and look like this:


the score is on the bottom left in the octagon

Each food item in the NuVal score system is rated from 1 to 100 with 100 having the most nutritive value. The scores are not based on fat and calories alone. They are based on nutritive value as a whole, as they look at other factors such as protein, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals, etc. Look on their website for more indepth information on how the scores are computed. As always if counting calories you will still have to check out the label, but the NuVal scores are a great quick go to guide to start with.

Foods with a score of 91-100 are mostly produce, fresh fruits and veggies, which we should all be eating more of.

I really like and appreciate this system of scoring. It is so helpful when shopping for groceries. There is a “trade up” value to the scores too. For example if I was planning on buying pasta, but happened to see that whole wheat pasta or pasta plus was of a higher NuVal score I would “trade up” for the more nutrative food. Looking at labels alone cannot help you to do that.

Another example is with different types of peanut butter, there is natural peanut butter now, crunchy and creamy of course, low sugar, reduced fat. With the NuVal scores you can compare which would be the most nutritive.

I know that these scores made a difference in the way that I shop. I do not know how we lived without them before :).

Tate’s Raves:

The scores are easy to understand and compare.

The scores take time out of looking at labels.

The scores are FREE of course!


Tate’s Rants

The scores are not (yet!) on all food products.

There is no advertising in the store for the scores, so if you do not know about them they may be overlooked.


I looove what NuVal has done and I hope other stores start to show these scores on ALL their food products soon.

Thank you Tina for turning me on to this great program!



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Hello again,

Its saturday night, well sunday morning (1:48 am) and I have barely taken any pics! The weekend has flown by, especially since I work on the weekend. I dont get another day off until wednesday :(. Atleast my job isnt horrible.

On friday I saved up loooots of points because we were going out for wine and dinner at the Mon Ami Winery on Catawba Island. I loooove this place. The boyfriend and I had ourselves a nice time there once before. We tasted just about every wine they had 🙂 and then I had some gruyere crusted scallops for dinner with red and yellow pepper soup. It was super yummy. No idea points wise, but the wine pretty much took care of all of those.

Woke up groggy today and had myself a cup of tea.

I was quite hungry so for breakfast (this is at 4pm, like I said I sleep during the day people) I had made myself some scrambled eggs. The mom I work for is reading this book called deceptively delicious (Jessica Seinfeld) and it talks about putting healthy purees into food to up the nutrition but without the eaters knowing (KIDS). So I took a page from this book and pureed some califlower and cheese to put into my eggs. It was actually very yummy.

eggs, apple, oatmeal

eggs with cauliflower, left over tuna patty, apple, oatmeal with brown sugar and syrup

It was a delish and filling breakfast and wow I apologize for the horrible pic, it was steamin’.

Before work I made myself some butternut squash fries, which I failed to take a pic of. Oops.  I also had a big mug of sugar cookie sleigh ride tea with a splash (or 2) of milk and some sugar.


creamy and delicious

The worktime eats include

Oh yeah the buckeyes won!!! woo hoo. we bleed scarlet and grey around our house. it was a nailbitter but they pulled it out. I knew we were better than them but sometimes… Ah well it ended good so I’m happy.

Here is my food journal for today(sat)

eggs, tuna, oatmeal, apple                          5

bnut squash                                                       1

sugar cookie tea latte                                    3

carrots, cukes, hummus                               1

cookie                                                                   1

grapes                                                                   1

mixed veggies                                                    1

sammie (3/4)                                                     3

Total                                                                       16

geez, i guess i’m eating something when I get home in the AM.

Oh I almost forgot, I am doing the Whittle your Middle Challange as proposed by Angela of Oh She Glows. You can find info about the challange here…  http://ohsheglows.com/abs/. Its 6-10 minutes of ab work 5 days a week and I am pumped. I am on day 3 and boy am I sore. Feel the burn! You can follow my progress on my Abs-Whittle your Middle Challange Tab up top. Others in the challange are taking pics and measurements, I have taken a pic but not measurements and I will post them in that tab as well. Good luck if you decide to join us!!! No better time for a fitness challange than the holiday season lol.

Til next time…


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